General conditions

1. Link to the information published on the Web and in the e-mail sent from advertising. For the purposes of these General Conditions, the website and the advertising e-mails of the current year, it is the informative document to which those are incorporated. The Web and the advertising e-mails include information about the camps, duration, program, calendar, characteristics of the accommodation, activities, prices, and in general, the necessary and adequate information about the characteristics of the camps. The information contained on the website and in the advertising e-mails is binding for Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. unless any of the following circumstances occur:

That changes in such information are communicated in writing to the participant or his legal representative before the date of conclusion of the contract.
Subsequently, modifications that have been expressly agreed upon and, in writing, between the contracting parties.
That a case of force majeure occurs.

2. General Data. The company responsible for the offer of the camps is: Film Symphony Orchestra S.L., domiciled in C / Calvo Acacio 16, 20, 46017 Valencia and with CIF: B98541030.

3. Legal regulation applicable to the contract and acceptance of the General Conditions. These General Conditions are subject to whatever results from the application of R.D.L. 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1998, of April 13, on the General Conditions of Contracting, Law 34 / 2002 of July 11 Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and the Civil Code. These General Conditions will be incorporated, signed by the contracting parties, to all contracts of Film Symphony Orchestra SL, whose purpose is the camps contained on the web and the advertising and web e-mail, and bind the parties, together with the particular conditions that are agreed in the contract. For the purposes of Act 1/2007, the participant in the camps, or their legal representative act as Consumer or End User.

4. Services that are included. The web and advertising e-mails specify the services included, the duration, the program of activities and the characteristics of the accommodation, as well as the price, indicating the inclusion of the different services that comprise it. These are, unless otherwise indicated:

Accommodation in complete pension scheme.
Supervision and tutoring by educators and monitors specialized in the indicated activities.
Classes, rehearsals, activities and excursions according to schedule and indicated calendar.
Material for activities.
Accident insurance and Civil Liability.
Shuttle service to the camp from Madrid:
Madrid to go to La Casona del Prado – Riaza.
Valencia to go to La Casa Don Bosco – Godelleta.
Services that are NOT included:

Personal expenses during the stay.
Transportation services back from the camp.
Health insurance and private medications.

5. Registration conditions. Requesting registration in this camp offered by Film Symphony Orchestra SL, either personally, or through a third person (delegate, agency, family, friend … etc.), even online, does not imply the a priori acceptance of the realization of the camps. The reservations of place will be understood as pre-registrations awaiting final confirmation. For a student to be permanently enrolled, it is necessary that three conditions are met:

(1) Have accepted and signed this registration form which contains the general conditions of the camp;
(2) Have paid the amount of the camp;
(3) Have received a written copy or e-mail of the confirmation and acceptance of the reservation in the camp by the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. where the square is confirmed.
Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. reserves the right of admission in the camps. The inscriptions are personal and non-transferable. Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. reserves the right to cancel the registration if, before starting the camp, the price agreed in the acceptance letter of this camp has not been paid. The use of the means of payment available on the web means that the user has contracted a subscription. The forms of payment are detailed on the camps website. The parents or legal representatives of the child enrolled in the camps guarantee that the information indicated by them in the registration is accurate and in accordance with the reality and they agree to immediately inform Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. in case of modification of the data indicated at the time of registration in writing by sending an e-mail to:

6. Cancellation, non-presentation and / or abandonment of the camps by the participant. In the event that a participant or his legal representative decides to cancel the contracted camps, he must notify in writing to Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. If the cancellation is made up to 30 days before the start of the camp, the participant will be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid to the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L., with the exception of € 100 in management expenses. If the cancellation occurs between 29 and 7 days before the start, the management and cancellation fees charged will amount to € 250. The cancellation of the camp less than 7 days from its start or the non-presentation of the participant on the date scheduled for the start of the camps, will mean the total loss of the amount paid for it.
The participant will not be entitled to any reimbursement in case of non-presentation of the participant on the scheduled date of commencement of the hired camps, or when, once they have started the camps, leave them voluntarily, their parents or their representatives legal, or because of expulsion from the camps. The sum of services included in the price of the camps is considered as a complete program or indivisible single package; and since they are offered to all participants, they can not be discounted separately, even if a participant finally decides not to participate in any activity or voluntarily decides to resign from the camps.
These penalties will not operate in the event that the cancellation, by the participant, is due to reasons of force majeure.

7. Alterations and incidents of the camps. Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. undertakes to provide participants with all the contracted services contained in the registration to the camps, with the conditions and characteristics stipulated. However, the following considerations should be taken into account:

a) In the event that, before the start of the camps, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. is obliged to modify significantly, some essential element of the contract, including the price, must immediately inform the participant. He may choose to terminate the contract, without any charge being made, or accept a modification in the contract. In this last case, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. will specify the modifications introduced, and their impact on the price thereof.

b) The Participant must communicate the decision that it adopts as soon as possible, and, in any case, within three days after the modification in the contracted camp is notified. In the event that the participant does not notify his decision to the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. within three days, it will be understood that he opts for the resolution of the camps without any penalty.

c) In the event that the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. was obliged to cancel the camps for reasons not attributable to the participant, or in the event that the participant chooses to terminate the contract under the provisions of sections a) or b), Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. will offer the participant the refund of the totality of the amount that they had paid for the camp.

d) There will be no obligation on the part of Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. to indemnify the participant in the following cases:

1) When the cancellation of the camps is due to reasons of force majeure, or sufficient cause. It is understood by the latter those circumstances unrelated to those who invoke them, abnormal, whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.

2) When the cancellation of the camps is due to the fact that the minimum number of people registered has not been reached (70 people minimum) and, in addition, the cancellation of the selected dates has been notified to the participant with a minimum of 15 days in advance of the start date thereof. The camps offered are a program that includes a diverse set of activities, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. reserves the right, directly or indirectly, to cancel, change or substitute, depending on the circumstances or in the interest of the group, the activities or parts of the program considered necessary, without modifying the general conditions of the camps.

  • In these cases, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. notify the participant in writing, at least fifteen days before the start date of the camp, that the minimum number of participants has not been reached and, therefore, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. offers the participant the possibility of going to the camp on other dates than originally requested, so that he can enjoy this educational program. In the event that the participant can not attend the camp in the second possibility of dates provided by the organization and whenever it is due to force majeure, the participant will be entitled to reimbursement of all amounts paid for the camp.

8. Admission and start of the camp. The start of the camps is established from the day indicated in the registration. Once the admission to the shelter is formalized and the camp is welcomed by the organization, teachers and monitors, the students will deliver the folder to the organization with their personal data and necessary relevant documentation, which their relatives will have provided for them. deliver Film Symphony Orchestra SL

Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. reserves the right not to admit participants or students who are not in possession of the necessary documentation. This is: the personal medical file, the health card, the relevant authorizations of your legal guardian and the proof of payment of the amount of the camps. The inaccuracy, concealment or lack of data and personal circumstances of the participant or student may be grounds for cancellation of the reservation to the camp by Film Symphony Orchestra S.L.

In case of infectious-contagious disease, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L., reserves the right not to admit the student to the camps.

9. Necessary legal authorizations for minors. At the time of admission and welcome, each student’s personal folder should include:

a) Personal medical form completed together with the medical and legal authorizations signed by the minor’s legal representative. A photocopy of the social security health card will be attached. The original of the card must be guarded in a safe place by the student.

b) Authorization to participate in all activities, rehearsals, excursions, evening evenings, etc. planned in the camps, including the optional ones that could be organized, and to participate in the excursions that take place both inside and outside the camp site. They accept that there may be inherent risks in these activities that could lead to injuries or accidents, waiving in these cases to request responsibility to Film Symphony Orchestra SL, its directors, teachers, monitors and employees, except those legally established and covered by the policy of civil responsibility and accidents subscribed by Film Symphony Orchestra SL The organization of the camps is committed to carry out their own activity in accordance with the strictest professional ethics and to take the necessary precautions for the proper functioning of the camps.

c) Travel authorization in the event that the student travels to the camp shelter with the bus offered by the organization of the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L.

d) Explicit authorization to transfer the participant in a private vehicle. The parents or legal guardians of the participant, authorize their transfer in a private vehicle destined to the use of emergencies, with the current security measures.

e) Authorization to administer medications without a prescription. The parents or legal guardians of the participant authorize the staff responsible for the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. to perform small cures and to administer medications, under medical prescription, in case of common mild symptoms such as antihistamines, antipyretics, analgesics or anti-inflammatories that are normally delivered in non-prescription pharmacies (ibuprofen, paracetamol, etc.), provided there is no indication in against in the medical file of the participant.

f) Medical and / or surgical treatment of the participant. In the event that a minor participant is in need of medical treatment, and / or being admitted, and / or undergoes surgery without the staff of the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. has been able to locate their parents or legal representatives, responsible for Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. they will be authorized to adopt the urgent and necessary measures they deem most appropriate to safeguard the health of the student, according to medical advice. The welfare expenses, their medications and transfers not covered by the Social Security or by the private insurance of the participant, will be for account and charge of the same.

10. Rules of mandatory compliance during the development of the camps. The student is committed to respect the rules regarding the schedules, obligation to attend the scheduled activities, rules of conduct and coexistence with teachers and peers; as well as compliance with general regulations such as prohibitions on the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, etc.

11. Possible Expulsions. In the event of failure by the student of the rules explained and detailed during the camp and available to parents or legal guardians in the downloadable dossier included in the web of the camps of Film Symphony Orchestra SL, the student may be expelled from the camp . In this case, the participant or his legal representatives must assume the expenses originated by his return to his domicile: cancellation expenses, return trip, indemnities for the damages and damages to third parties and those that the organization Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. was forced to perform as a result of the actions of the student, regardless of any other liability due to the negligence of this.

In the event that a participant is following a psychiatric or psychological treatment we will request, at the time of booking, a medical report that reports on the suitability of their participation in the camps. Likewise, we request that this information be indicated in the medical file. The concealment of information requested in the medical file may result in an expulsion without any refund.

12. Insurance. In compliance with current legislation, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. has a Civil Liability Policy and an Accident Policy. A copy of these policies is available to any interested party. Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. does not respond to loss or loss of assets of the participant who have not been placed in the custody of the organization by means of proof or in a specific way.

13. Use of the image of the participants. In accordance with the provisions of law 1/1982 of May 5, civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and self-image, by signing these general conditions, the participant or his legal representative, expressly authorize Film Symphony Orchestra SL and to the collaborating companies and sponsors of the camps, for the capture and subsequent treatment of their image in relation to the activities carried out during the camps, with the purpose of being able to include them in their web pages, advertising actions and / or social networks managed by our entity or collaborating companies and / or in any other informative or commercial that we can initiate in the future. The participant or his legal representative may revoke this authorization at any time, but in such case, they must compensate Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. or the collaborating companies and sponsors of the camps, the damages that may be caused.
Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. reserves the right to use all graphic, photographic or other materials in which the image of the participant appears during the development of the activities, for the purposes related to the activity, promotion or advertising of the camp, well published on the pages web, in the printed publications of Film Symphony Orchestra SL, or for promotion or advertising of the programs, provided that there is no prior express opposition on the part of the participant.

14. Protection of personal data. In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. informs you that your personal data provided in the registration of the participant, as well as their accounting data, will be incorporated into an automated file whose responsible and owner is Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. with address in C / Calvo Acacio 16, 20, 46017 Valencia and with CIF: B98541030, with the purpose of being able to take care of the reservations, the administrative procedures that derive from them and other topics related to the activity of Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. as well as for the subsequent sending of information, by any means, on news, services and future activities of the Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. The acceptance of these general conditions implies your express consent to carry out such treatment by Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. for the purposes indicated above. Likewise, we inform you of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation in the terms established in the current legislation, by means of written communication to the following address: Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. C / Calvo Acacio 16, 20, 46017 Valencia and with CIF: B98541030, or to the e-mail address indicating the recipient as security recipient and enclosing in both cases a photocopy of your ID.

15. Authorization to transfer data. In view of the fact that it is essential and necessary to communicate certain information regarding the Participant, which must be known by the companies or entities collaborating with Film Symphony Orchestra SL, by signing these general conditions, the participant and / or his legal representative expressly authorize that they may be assigned the corresponding personal data.

16. Validity. These general conditions are valid until the end of 2018.

17. Resolution of conflicts. Any conflict that may arise between the parties due to the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of this contract shall be resolved by the competent Jurisdictional Bodies according to the applicable legislation. The express waiver of the parties to any other dispute resolution mechanism (administrative bodies, arbitration bodies, etc.) is evident. I understand that Film Symphony Orchestra S.L. take reasonable precautions to ensure that the activities carried out at FSO Summer Camp are coordinated by qualified personnel and carried out safely.

18. Prescription of actions. The actions derived from this contract will prescribe for the course of two years.

I have read and accept the general conditions of this registration form, as well as the Privacy Policy, the cancellation policy of the program and return of the deposit and the acceptance of all the authorizations described in this document.

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